Navigating communication and due processes during COVID-19

At Guild Insurance we thought it was timely to remind you of practices you should adopt to ensure you’re operating your business as safely as you can during the COVID-19 situation. 

These include: 

  • Staying up to date with regulations 

  • Communicating clearly with customers and staff 

  • Taking actions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 

  • Keeping records of what steps you put in place 

Stay up to date with regulations 

Firstly, please be sure you’re keeping up to date and adhering with Federal and State or Territory government requirements. To fully understand these requirements, it's always best to go directly to the source rather than rely on other media channels. The following links will provide you with the necessary, and regularly updated, requirements.   


Communicate clearly with customers and staff 

When operating any business, your communication is always incredibly important.  It keeps your clients informed of what they can reasonably expect from your business.  Communication also assists them to understand how the operations of the business and services provided impact them.  As we all deal with the challenges presented by COVID-19, communication from business owners and operators has taken on an increased importance. 

We have seen an increase in complaints over trivial or minor issues. Some complaints have gone directly to the regulators and in a recent example, the police were involved. We believe this is likely the result of an emotional response to the stresses and anxieties people are experiencing as a result of COVID-19. While these complaints could be considered "over the top", they all require a response and may involve the stress of an inquiry by the regulator.  

Given the circumstances we all face with COVID-19, we need to regularly remind ourselves that many people are struggling to deal with the current situation.  We recommend business operators be especially mindful of how they speak to and interact with their clients and staff.  Maybe you need to take a little more time than usual to explain business processes.   It might be ideal to provide written information to assist people in understanding the services you can and can’t offer and how you are helping to manage the risks associated with COVID-19.  Taking a bit more time and care to explain business processes and services, particularly if they’ve changed from the usual, will potentially mean your clients will be more understanding if their expectations aren’t met. 

Take actions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 

As well as focusing on your communication, all business operators also need to be sure they’re doing all they can, and meeting requirements, regarding distancing and cleaning within their business.  Some processes you may consider, or possibly already have, for your business include: 

  • Restricting the number of clients in your premises at the one time.  Depending on the type of business, this can be done in a few ways such as having staff at the entrance managing who comes in and when and removing some chairs from waiting areas.  It can also be done by spreading out the time between appointments and asking clients to wait outside till called in for their appointment. 

  • Placing markings on the floor reminding people where to stand to ensure there’s the required physical distance between them. 

  • Encouraging cashless payments. 

  • Signage both on the outside and inside of the premises making people aware of your processes and what you expect from them when they enter. 

  • Having hand sanitiser available and in sight for all staff and clients. 

  • Regularly cleaning the premises, particularly high touch areas such as doorknobs.  There should also be cleaning in between clients if they come into contact with items such as treatment tables. 

While all the above is important, just doing it isn’t enough, especially if you want to be sure your clients feel confident and safe using your business.  Again, communication is vital here.  Your clients deserve to know about the safety process within your business, so be sure you make them aware.  This can be done by emailing all clients about the process you’ve put in place.  You could put notices within and around the premises reminding them of your processes.  You and your colleagues should also be talking about the safety measures with clients, such as reminding them to apply hand sanitiser when they enter. 

Keep records of what steps you put in place 

Guild also recommends our insureds keep a record of their safety processes.  Like all record keeping, this serves as evidence in the unlikely, yet possible, event the processes are questioned. If a client or any other person accused you and your business of not adhering to safety requirements and restrictions, having this evidence will make it easier to prove otherwise.  Collecting and storing this evidence doesn’t need to be cumbersome.  It can be done by taking photos of items such as signage, floor markings and available hand sanitiser.  Copies of any written communication to clients, such as emails, should be kept.  You should also make a record of any situation where a client has seemed unhappy with your business.  Noting this down when it happens while it’s fresh in your mind will be useful if the client lodges a complaint. 

Lastly, remember Guild Insurance is here to support you in the event a client makes a complaint.  Whether this complaint is to you directly or to a regulatory body, whether it’s about your processes during COVID-19 or the service you regularly provide, Guild is here to support you during the difficult and stressful period of managing a complaint.    

Guild Insurance Limited ABN 55 004 538 863, AFS Licence No. 233 791.  This article contains information of a general nature only, and is not intended to constitute the provision of legal advice.  Guild Insurance supports your Association through the payment of referral fees for certain products or services you take out with them.

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