Communicating with your clients during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged us all personally and professionally, as we live through never before seen challenges. Many professionals and businesses alike are struggling with the ever-changing landscape as they navigate business continuity in a way which is safe for them, their staff and their customers and also complies with changing government restrictions and requirements.

You don’t have to be powerless through this uncertainty, and the key to continue to thrive as we move into the new normal is robust communication with your customers. Clear, concise and relevant  communication with your customers is vital in the coming weeks and months to ensure continued engagement.

As Guild Insurance works across multiple industries, our experience of working with thousands of professionals and their customers puts us in the unique position to understand what customers need from you. We have compiled some information to assist you in developing email communication with your customers.

Please note that this information is generic and should be used as a guide. All businesses are unique and how they’re responding to COVID-19 is also unique. Therefore, you need to create your communication to suit your individual circumstances.

Start your email with an introduction to the situation

E.g. We face challenging times ahead as we navigate through a continually changing
environment caused by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Here at (business
,we are focused on staying healthy and continue to review our health and safety
processes, so we can keep our doors open to our customers when they need us. A key part of this is to ensure we change our operational practices to maintain compliance
with evolving government recommendations and restrictions and reduce the risks to our
staff and visiting customers. We’re therefore contacting you keep you informed of what
we are doing here at (business name).

Now inform your clients of what you’re doing to avoid the spread of infection in your business

E.g. At (business name), the health of our clients and staff is our number one priority.
Therefore, on top of our usual cleaning and hygiene processes, we’re implemented the
following steps.

  • All clients will be asked to wash their hands when they enter the premises
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available, and we insist all staff and visitors use it regularly
  • We’re asking all clients to wait outside the building, where there is space to maintain
    the recommended distance, rather than in our waiting room which doesn’t allow for
    social distancing. We’ll call you when you should come in for your appointment.
  • We are regularly cleaning and sanitising all high touch areas such as doorknobs and counters.
  • We will no longer accept cash and will only accept card payments.
Let your clients know if anything about the service you usually provide has changed
  • Is there a service no longer available, have modifications been made, is there something new you’re now doing?
  • Are you offering services remotely?
  • Have opening and closing hours changed?
  • Will your usual cancellation policy alter to encourage people to not attend if unwell
  • Will you be offering any financial assistance or support to customers who may be experiencing financial hardship?
  • Will you offer refunds if people have paid upfront and are no longer able to participate/attend?

E.g. Our usual cancellation policy requires 24 hours’ notice or a late cancellation/no show fee of $40 is charged. However, we are currently waiving this notification period until further notice. This fee will not be charged provided you call us to let us know you can’t attend. Therefore, if you feel that on the day of your appointment you have flu like
symptoms and shouldn’t attend our practice, please give us a call and don’t come in.

Finish with a reminder asking people to not attend your business if they have any concerns about displaying COVID-19 symptoms

E.g. We understand everyone wants to get on with life and do the things they are used
to doing. However, for the time being it may not be possible, and we must do what we can to flatten the curve. At (business name) we’re committed to doing our part to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, please consider others and stay home, do not visit our practice. We’re keen to see you again soon, however only when you’re feeling well

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