How to prevent the loss of cold stock at your pharmacy

In recent years, Guild Insurance has identified a claims trend involving the loss of cold stock in pharmacies. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen a monumental $4 million in claims for cold stock incidents alone. Whether it’s fridges being left open,  random power outages, or plugs being disconnected for other uses, these instances can lead to a costly loss for pharmacy businesses. We’re here to help mitigate these risks and reduce your chances of facing a claim for the loss of cold stock.

Securing cold stock more efficiently.

Picture this: You arrive at your pharmacy early one summer morning, only to find something strange. As you step into the store away from the bustling noise outside, you’re greeted by dead silence and unusual darkness. The low whirring sound of the beverage refrigerator can’t be heard. You flick the light switch, but nothing turns on. This can only mean one thing: a power outage. Immediately, you head to the fridge and observe the temperature on the digital thermometer through the glass doors: it’s 21.5°C.


You check the thermometers on the vaccine fridge too – it’s also above the recommended storage temperature. This means you can’t dispense these to customers because it’s no longer safe to do so. As you don’t have any more stock, you’ll have to turn customers towards a competitor and reschedule vaccination appointments until new medications are ordered, ultimately affecting your sales and potentially your customers’ well-being.

What you can do

As a result of these skyrocketing claims, policy excesses for cold stock cover are now increasing to $2,500 per claim, as a minimum.

With that, we’ve developed several solutions to help you reduce the risk of cold stock loss and avoid the increase in excess.

We’ve partnered with 2 leading and Gold Cross-endorsed equipment manufacturers, Liebherr and Constellation Technologies.

Using purpose-built technology, Pharmacy Guild of Australia members can safeguard their cold stock and prepare

for unexpected events. These technologies include: 

> Pharmacy vaccine refrigerators, by Liebherr

> Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), also by Liebherr

> Cold stock temperature monitoring system, by Constellation Technologies

We strongly recommend that you purchase one or more of these or similar products for your business. In doing so, it drastically reduces your excess and could even prevent a loss from interrupting your business. Feel free to purchase other equivalent devices that suit you; if you purchase a UPS system that isn’t by Liebherr, please ensure that it has at least 8 hours of backup power supply.

While we may not be able to stop the stress of a claim, we can help you to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Protect your business today.

To learn more about Liebherr and Constellation Technologies and how their equipment can help lower the likelihood of a claim, visit

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