When a break-in occurs

A break-in or burglary at work can have far reaching effects.   

While it’s always better to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, everyone should know what to do if the unexpected does occur. 


  • DO dial 000 to report the incident to Police.
  • DON’T enter the premises if there are signs a break-in may have occurred – e.g. open or damaged windows or doors etc. An intruder may still be inside.  In the event you enter the premise before you realise a break-in has occurred, leave immediately if damage to buildings, equipment or infrastructure makes the area unsafe –e.g. broken glass, water damage, upturned equipment etc.
  • DO promptly contact your manager or business owner to report the incident.
  • DO preserve the ‘evidence’ until Police arrive. Take care not to disturb the crime scene. Make a note of anything you’ve touched and inform the Police when they arrive. This will also assist a Guild Claim Assessor, should one be appointed.
  • DO seek advice from Police before re-opening the premises for usual trading.
  • DO provide support for any staff, contractors or visitors who may be impacted or distressed by the incident.


  • DO make note of what items, if any, have been stolen or damaged. Again, be careful not to disturb the crime scene.
  • DO ensure you have the identifying details of any stolen equipment readily available e.g. serial number, engraved markings, photos, receipts etc.
  • DO contact Guild Insurance on 1800 810 213 to report the incident over the phone – there are no claim forms to complete.Have your insurance policy details handy. Guild can also arrange any glass repairs for you.
  • DO take photographs of the scene and any damage before beginning the clean-up, or making any temporary repairs.


  • DO review the effectiveness of your security measures and promptly address any weaknesses. How did the intruder enter the premises? How easy was it to access items of value?
  • DO take this opportunity to review your response to this break-in. Did the staff involved know what to do and did they do it?
  • DO review your policies and procedures so that they reflect these actions and include them in your staff training. Everyone needs to be supported in knowing how to respond.
  • DO take this opportunity to check that your equipment register is accurate and up to date.

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