Preventing glass damage

Don’t underestimate the inconvenience of damaged windows or shop fronts. Prevention is always better than cure!

  • Reduce the opportunity for damage by installing:
    • break resistant glass
    • grilles and shutters over windows and shop fronts
    • ovideo surveillance and monitored alarms
    • ‘glass break sensors’ for early alarm activation
    • window locks
    • adequate lighting and perimeter fencing
    • clear signage alerting people to your security measures
  • Regularly check the area around your premises for any loose or unsecured items that could be used to damage windows or property – e.g. bricks, bottles or other rubbish.
  • Reduce the risk of vehicles crashing through glass doors and windows by installing bollards as a barrier.
  • Consider planting low shrubs in strategic locations to make it difficult for vandals to access windows or signage.
  • Think carefully about the signage or advertising you include on your windows or shop front.Images such as large smiling faces may be appealing to vandals looking for something to damage!
  • Consider applying protective film to glass surfaces to minimise acid damage caused by graffiti and the like.
  • Don’t delay cleaning up any graffiti or rubbish.The longer you leave it, the more likely it is to accumulate.
  • Work collaboratively with other businesses and police to reduce the risk of vandalism and malicious damage.
  • Don’t invite a break-in by leaving valuable items visible after hours.
    • If you use cash registers, leave the draws open out of hours to show they’re empty.
    • Where appropriate, display valuable stock on mobile stands that can be easily moved out of view.
    • Lock mobile devices, such as laptops and cameras, away.

If glass damage does occur, report the incident to Guild Insurance as soon as possible on 1800 810 213.   

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