Preventing glass damage

Damaged glass windows and shopfronts can cause considerable costs and inconvenience to business owners.

On top of your existing security measures, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of glass damage to your business.


  • reduce the possibility of glass damage and break-ins by installing:
  • break resistant glass
  • grilles and shutters over windows and shopfronts
  • glass break sensors for early alarm activation
  • keep valuable items hidden from view through windows or shopfronts out of hours
  • remove any loose or non-secured items around your premises that could be used to damage windows and property
  • leave your cash register draw open out of hours to show that it’s empty.


  • installing bollards in front of windows and glass doors to reduce the risk of a ‘ram raid’
  • planting low shrubs in strategic locations making it difficult for vandals to access the premises
  • immediately cleaning up graffiti or rubbish as delay usually leads to more graffiti and multiple insurance claims.
  • thinking about the signage and advertising you have on your windows and shopfront (e.g. a large smiling face might be appealing to a vandal)

If damage does occur to your property, ensure you have contact details for an after-hours glazier readily available to all staff who may need it.

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Disclaimer: This article contains information of a general nature only and is no intended to constitute the provision of legal advice.

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