Have you prepared for a bushfire? (NSW)

We hear it all the time – a disaster has ruined lives and businesses. 

Too often people unfortunately seek comfort in the belief that ‘it could never happen to me’. Yet claims reported to Guild Insurance tell us otherwise. They remind us that businesses suffer losses every day. 

Some business owners have unrealistic expectations about how they’ll cope if the unthinkable happens. Businesses are often surprised at just how much they’re impacted when a disaster occurs. This is why planning for a disaster is vital. Once something happens, the time to prepare has gone. All businesses need to be realistic about what can happen and be proactive in putting risk management strategies in place.
Matters to consider when preparing for a bushfire 
  • Understand your risk of a bushfire based on location and current weather warnings 
  •  Know the safest route out of your local area > Understand bushfire danger ratings and what they mean > Follow and adhere to bushfire warnings when issued
  • Have a plan, and rehearse it, for what to do in the event there is a bushfire. This plan includes but isn’t limited to:
    • Being ready and willing to leave early before you see signs of fire, allowing for how fast fires can travel
    • An evacuation plan which needs to consider not only staff but any clients or other visitors who may be on the premises
    • An emergency items kit which is packed at all times and includes all emergency contact phone numbers, mobile phone chargers and a first aid kit 
    • Shelter options in the event you’re unable to leave
    • Be sure all staff are involved in preparing the business for a bushfire 
    • Understand what you’re insured for in the event of a fire; contact your insurer if this needs updating
Bush fire preparation resources 
Each state’s country or rural fire services have a range of resources to assist business and individuals prepare for and cope with a bushfire. To utilise these resources, visit rfs.nsw.gov.au to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be.
How to Lodge a claim
In the event you need to lodge a claim click here or call us at 1800 810 213 for assistance.

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