Five tips to avoid a devastating fire

Even the smallest fire could wipe out your business. Here’s five tips to avoid a devastating fire all year round:

1. Clear space is a must
To help prevent overheating, ensure there’s enough clear space around all electrical equipment.

2. Avoid using temporary options
Extension cords and power boards were designed to be temporary options. Where possible, have additional power points installed.

3. Maintain your workspace
Keep dust, moisture and clutter to a minimum. Avoid having food, drinks and flammable items near electrical equipment.

4. Implement safety measures
Maintain your property and ensure your fire safety services are always up to date.

5. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail
In the unfortunate event of a fire, a simple action plan can minimise the risk of harm to people and property.

For more information call 1800 810 213 or visit your local Fire Service website.

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