Early learning centres and consumption of alcohol in NSW

Guild Insurance is a leading insurer of early learning centres in NSW. The responsible service of alcohol at meetings, fundraising events or social gatherings is something our clients frequently enquire about.

The following information highlights the risks faced by centre managers, committee members and staff when making decisions about the service of alcohol at events. However, if you are unsure about anything to do with the service of alcohol, you should seek legal advice.

Serving alcohol at events held by child care centres

  • Guild recommends avoiding serving alcohol at events. If you do serve alcohol, you may be in breach of liquor licencing laws. Importantly, the centre and its committee members could be exposed to personal legal liability.
  • The service of alcohol is highly regulated in NSW. To serve alcohol a current liquor licence is required and relevant people must complete an approved responsible service of alcohol (RSA) course.
  • If you would like to hold an event that includes the service of alcohol, it is recommended you hold the function at licensed premises.

What if people bring their own alcohol to events?

Guild also recommends you prohibit committee members, parents or visitors from bringing any alcohol to events that have been organised by the centre.

While it might seem a safer option for people to bring along their own alcohol, it certainly does not remove the risk of legal liability attaching to the centre or members of the committee. If a committee member, volunteer or staff member was to be injured, or cause injury to someone else after consuming alcohol, a court may deem the staff and / or committee partly responsible. The court may also see the centre as encouraging a culture of drinking at such an event, or the centre and its committee not taking reasonable steps to avoid the incident giving rise to the injury. Therefore, Guild strongly recommends that you prohibit all alcohol consumption at any centre events, both in and out of business hours.

Early Learning Centres and Alcohol Consumption NSW

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